Nicolas Chaillan



Nicolas M. Chaillan (born August 3, 1984) is a technology entrepreneur, software developer, inventor and investor. He is recognized as one of France's youngest entrepreneurs after founding company, WORLDAKT at the age of 15.

With 15 years of experience as CEO, he is currently the Chief Executive Officer of AKT IP Ventures, AFTER-MOUSE.COM, Wait List Ordering, and He is also the Chairman of software holding group, Holding AKT, a self-defined "software incubation and propulsion lab".

Nicolas Chaillan is a leader in Intellectual Property, innovation, R&D and incubation. He is an expert in multiple technologies such as multi-touch, mobile solutions, IoT, Big Data, Cloud computing, Wearables and more.

In 2015, Chaillan decided to scale his incubation model and founded Incubation Partners, LLC in order to raise an incubation fund of $20M to create and incubate 10 to 15 companies.

Nicolas Chaillan was born in Marseilles, France. Since early childhood Chaillan displayed prodigious inclinations towards Information technology and computer science. Chaillan began to teach himself computer programming when he 7, and sold the code for his first video game at 11.

The career of Nicolas Chaillan is prodigious. At age 11, Nicolas Chaillan created his first "edutainment" game on PC. When he turned 15, Chaillan developed computer security systems that quickly gained recognition and acclaim from notable industry experts.

Chaillan became very early pioneer and contributor of the computer language PHP. He contributed to, and managed several modules and PECL extensions including: SPPLUS and Cybermut, two French secure payment solutions and world premiere at that time.

Nicolas Chaillan is considered to be a top expert in security and has participated in multiple industry conferences and has worked in close collaboration with the French government.

Nicolas Chaillan moved to the United States in 2010 in New York and now lives in Washington, DC.